Contrast Survival – A game in 10 hours [ bare minimum game]


I initially started this game as a challenge, to develop a game in 8 hours. Everything went extremely well in the first half of the production, as you can see here. But, when I almost finished it, I decided to improve my timer based movement function, and broke the bullet shooting code. When I saw that almost 9 hours of dev passed, I decided to drop the shooting idea, and just changed everything to a shield that recharges when you are not using it.

Download: Click here


:: Grandpa told me to go and play with my tiles ::


Seems that I managed to ‘almost’ finish one of my games. Almost, because it’s not yet polished, but I’m releasing it hence I do not want to spoil it by trying to improve some things. It’s barely a game, it has minimum graphics and gameplay, thus it’s perfect, I think, for this months, August, experimental gameplay project’s theme: Bare Minimum.

Grandpa told me to go and play with my tiles

The idea of the game is to lower or raise the tiles in order to reach the exit. You can do that by eighter pressing left or right mouse button. You can move your character using W A S D and rotate and zoom the camera with the arrow keys. Press SPACE to make your character jump.



Fresh start

Well, I did it! I deleted all my old blog posts, and decided to re-start my blog, this time focusing on indie game development, showcasing projects and prototypes.
About me:
For those who don’t know me, I’m Zapa, an 18-year old Romanian student who happens to love game developing, and french fries. I love working on games, implementing lots of neat concepts and pretending to know what I’m doing(where I am indeed an expert). I can’t say I have a big background, hence almost everything I started till now has yet to be finished.