Fresh start

Well, I did it! I deleted all my old blog posts, and decided to re-start my blog, this time focusing on indie game development, showcasing projects and prototypes.
About me:
For those who don’t know me, I’m Zapa, an 18-year old Romanian student who happens to love game developing, and french fries. I love working on games, implementing lots of neat concepts and pretending to know what I’m doing(where I am indeed an expert). I can’t say I have a big background, hence almost everything I started till now has yet to be finished.


2 thoughts on “Fresh start

  1. Ok, now I’m really pissed off, why do you have a smiley on the bottom of the page?

    I saw the same damn smiley on another blog as well and I just can’t get it :-s Should i get one? Some subliminal message or something? 😛

    Joking, obviously, but still curious

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