Contrast Survival – A game in 10 hours [ bare minimum game]


I initially started this game as a challenge, to develop a game in 8 hours. Everything went extremely well in the first half of the production, as you can see here. But, when I almost finished it, I decided to improve my timer based movement function, and broke the bullet shooting code. When I saw that almost 9 hours of dev passed, I decided to drop the shooting idea, and just changed everything to a shield that recharges when you are not using it.

Download: Click here

5 thoughts on “Contrast Survival – A game in 10 hours [ bare minimum game]

  1. Maybe it’s just my computer, but I do not see any enemies in your game…they should be there according to the screenshot. I was riding around in the game for about 5 minutes but did not meet anybody, just tombstones and one building. But anyways, very nice atmosphere setup!

  2. Hm, I guess it’s due to the black and white shader, some friends reported this problem too. I’m sorry it didn’t turn out to work as it was supposed to for you.

  3. Nice calming sound and effects- everything is hard to see, but it’s pretty fun. I liked gathering up tons of demons then running them all down with my shield, haha. Good job- it takes a lot of work to make a working game like this.

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