Negative Space – 2D Top-Down Shmup


Negative Space is a topdown, 2D, SHMUP made for the GDRo Contest
(Romanian Game Development community contest). I have worked
on it for several days. Total time spent developing it: Around 30 hours.
It only features 3 levels, including an Ending Boss fight. The gameplay
is overall simple.


Arrowkeys or the D-Pad to steer your ship.
Space or gamepad button 1 to fire.



The first 2 levels can be considered quite simple, hence the enemies don’t
actually shoot you. You can consider them as being kamikaze-drones.
You goal is to kill as drones much as you can in order to boost your warp
drive, while trying to avoid getting hit and loosing life (you will sooo
need it for the Boss). The are no power-ups in the game, so don’t try
and play chicken with the drones, expecting some magical box-like
thing will drop out of the… um “window” and heal you (HAEL ME!).

The 3rd level is the Boss fight. Keep in mind this is my first SHMUP.
I don’t know if it is hard enough or not. It’s not quite an Ikaruga-like
bullet Hell, but that’s what I could do. Maybe I’ll enhance it later if you
guys get to beat it without problems.


Bacioiu Ciprian (Twitter / Blog ) – Coding

Victorovschi Victor (Twitter / Website ) – Graphics

Mihnea Avram (Twitter / Website) – Storyline

Dragan C. – Audio

Download: Link 1

Link 2


2 thoughts on “Negative Space – 2D Top-Down Shmup

  1. De curiozitate,ai reusit sa-l termini? Am ajuns de doua ori la “big boss”, dar de ambele ori cu prea putina viata si numarul imens de gloante ce le arunca ala erau cam imposibil de evitat. 😀

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