War against the Hangels

Since the beginning of time,
Before the Earth was mine,
Before Heaven was thorn apart
and the angels fell in to the Great Dark,
Another Race was here to rule.

Their name was written in stone and legend,
For they descended from Heaven,
And they resided from Hell,
Seeking to cover the humanity in a dark veil…
Forever lost.

The Hangels as they called themselves,
Bringers of sickness and wealth,
Of darkness and light,
Those made from the mystic might,
Found in the middle of darkness night.
Powerful they where.

But written has been,
A legend as it seems,
That humanity shall prevail,
In a clash of epic proportions,
Putting the wold forever in motion.
Never to stop.

“You, my son, are nothing but a mere descendent,
A powerful one, nonetheless” – said the Human lieutenant,
Known as Rag, the all mighty slasher,
He who defeated the Abolisher…
In an epic fight, in glory, strength and might.

“Those of us who survived the battle,
Those brave enough to withstand the hassle,
Now fight together and honor our lost,
For together we are, and forever we shall be,
The army from the dusk”
An army like never before seen…

“So come with us, let us fight together,
to defeat those blasted Hangels forever.
Pick up your weapon boy, become a man,
It’s time you feel worthy of being in our clan.”
And so the boy fought.

edit: What ever ‘m3xican’ says, don’t listen to him. Hangels actually mean Hell Angels!

End of part I.

[Bash Script]Updating twitter via cURL

While reading some articles on LAMP [dot] ro, I came across an article on how to update your twitter status using cURL. Needless to say I could not stop myself from having some fun with BASH, cURL and Twitter. After about 15-20 minutes of playing around I made the following script:
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