[Poem]Sword of Truth

Since Saint Valentine’s day is so close, close enough for you to scratch your nose with it without having to move a finger, my school is hosting a ‘Poetry contest’ in it’s honor, and since I became a regular host for this kind of things I have to open the festivity by reciting a poem I had to write myself.

Now, usually I hate doing this kind of things when asked by someone because I only like to write stuff when I’m in the mood for it. But since my teacher promised me a good spanking, and not in a kinky kind of way, I had no way of turning down the offer, well I could have, but I care to much for my ‘end’.

The poem has been written in about 20 minutes. It’s related to the post before this because all I did was to expose my own feelings in an ‘artistic kind of way’. The name I chose for it is “Sword of Truth”, as a homage for an epic show called “The Seeker” and for the books that the series is based on.

Without further ado, here you have it, freshly transcribed from my notebook, with fresh spelling mistakes (I’m sure I missed a few of them), and with allot of meaning sealed inside the words.

I’ve walked for eons and ages on this blasted grounds,
Forever tormented by those horrorifc hounds,
And marked for all eternity by it’s blasted name,
Which I refer to as Love.

They said Love is indeed a strong weapon,
One only to be wielded by those whose hearts beat with passion.
Just like Excalibur was pulled from the stone by Arthur, king of Camelot,
I tried to uphold love, but I couldn’t, that I did not.

In shame I left, trying only to find another source of power,
Another power that could shield me from the truth,
That I wasn’t strong enough.

But that’s when it happened, that’s when she appeared,
From the shadows, just like a ghost,
And with a spark, my heart was forever lost.
I fell to her just like any mortal would,
Thus she was not a mear human,
But a goddess in mind, spirit and body.

I couldn’t understand her mind, her way to be, her way to feel,
And all I wanted was to free myself from her grasp.
The more I struggled, the more I realized that freedom was not my goal anymore.

I soon embraced, without knowing, the feeling that sprouted in my heart,
And towards her I was going, just like a frantic dart,
Thinking of nothing, and everything, at the same time,
Believing this to be, a destiny I could not deny…

But as soon as I approached, prepared to drop my guard,
The veil has been lifted, which was cast upon my heart,
And I began to see, that it was all a trap,
And that she was nothing more, then an illusion…
Forever to cloud my judgement.

I ran away, as far away as I could,
Far from her blasted tendrils and from her ice-warm grip,
But I found myself, in front of the truth,
That blasted truth which seemed never to be removed.

“What could have happened, how could I have snapped,
How could I have fallen for that clumsy trap…
How could I have not upheld the sword,
I can’t deny it anymore…”

In agony, and despair I sought one last chance.
I approached the sword, and grasped it strongly,
And putting all my effort into it,
I pulled it out… and I ceased to be lonely.

I’ve walked for eons and ages on this blasted grounds,
Forever embraced by those horrorifc hounds,
And blessed for all eternity by it’s truthfull name,
Which I refer to as Love.


2 thoughts on “[Poem]Sword of Truth

  1. Good Poem…My Friend..Zappa…That “kinky” teacher…is Voicu Adriana??Or i’m mistakeing?
    Anyway…you,myfriend..have what i call “talent”
    keep it up!

  2. Thanks Daniel! Looking forward to getting drunk and jer.. um, I mean joking about our english Teacher, our beloved Mrs. Voicu 😛

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