The BNPA: Battle.Net® PC Authenticator

I recently downloaded a Battlenet® Mobile Authenticator on my iPhone in order to secure my World of Warcraft account. Some of my friends wanted to follow in my steps, but since I am the only owner of an iPhone in my little WoW group @ School, most of them eighter had to buy a Blizzard Authenticator, or leave their account as they had it before. Thankfully, by searching on WoWWiki I found a link to this site. A few minutes later I downloaded the .jar file and decided to make a front-end for it.

When you first start the program go to Settings and click eighter Setup EU or Setup US, depending on your region. Afterwords, just click Sync in the same menu. This steps are required only once. In order to retrieve your Authenticator code, just click fetch.

Be sure to backup the “authenticator.configure” that is generated the first time you run BNPA.exe . If by mistake you will “re-setup” the app, a different Authenticator serial could be generated, which can be harmful for your account, thus the Auth Code will not match the one needed in order to log in.

You can download it from my dropbox account by Clicking Here.


7 thoughts on “The BNPA: Battle.Net® PC Authenticator

  1. Damn nice work you did, i was recently working on a vb frontend for this.

    I wonder if it would be possible to synch an existing mobile authenticator with authenticator.jar in order to have some kinda backup device when the phone fails or somehow disappears 😀

    I know that does stuff like that as long as you have the authenticators secret hash key?!


    • Sorry Martin, somehow your post ended up in the spam section. Well, in theory, what you said could be possible, it just needs some research(and some iPhone jailbraking – sadly).
      Looking forward to seeing your VB frontend. Do leave me a message when you finish it, I really want to check it out.

  2. Do you mind, GPL your code and send it over? – my guild refuses the use unless they can see what your code’s doing.

    Havent had any time to continue my ish, yet

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