TweetMeet Buzau

Last Saturday(5th of June) I had the pleasure to take part at the second edition of TweetMeet Buzau. If I where to describe the meeting in 1 word, then that word would be: “Awesome”. And I mean it. The people where awesome, the jokes they made where awesome, the cookies we ate where awesome, everything and everyone at that place and time can be described like that. I had a lot of fun watching the guys from #DreamTeamRo, listening to Alex and Roxana Farca, eating the cookies brought by Sabina and cooked by her uncle, discussing ’bout gadgets and laptops with Mihai Baboi, Chinezu and Marius [Make].

Here’s some of the photos I took with my iPhone:

View more pictures on my Flickr account, or read more about #TweetMeetBz on DreamTeamRo, Lumea Mare, Gazutza (Sabina’s blog), WP Tuts and Chinezu’s blog.

Again, it was a great meeting and I had allot of fun there. Thank you for coming to my hometown guys, I’m looking forward to seeing you all again.

People that attended the meeting: Iulyan, Laura, Robert and Adriana, Lumea Mare Roxana and Alex Farca, Stefan Murgeanu, Claudiu Ciobanu, Vlad Dulea, Mihai Baboi, Paun Eugen, Cutzitaru Cazacu Dragos, Marius Matache, Chinezu, Sabina and George Jipa.


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