Got a job as a QA Tester at Gameloft

I’ve spent my last couple of days in Bucharest trying to get a job at Gameloft, and after passing the test which required me to find, report and describe as much bugs as possible in about 50 minutes, I attended an interview! So, starting 27th September I’ll be going to Gameloft for 1 week of training, and on 4th of October I’ll be a full time employ! To be honest, I’m really excited!


3 thoughts on “Got a job as a QA Tester at Gameloft

  1. Hey,and gratz for getting the job,i took the same test yesterday trying to get a job as a QA tester as well (@gameloft cluj) but i am not to sure that i passed the test because even if i found over 25 bugs and i wrote down info about them,i didn’t fill up the last part (how to get to those bugs) because most of them were wrong icon type,wrong animation,missing texture,re-spawning enemies,camera bugs and so on…I gave lots of details on the bugs on the description section but i didn’t complete the last section to all the bugs i found.So do i got any chances to get the job?

    Thanks in advance

    • Ei verifica in principal sa vada daca ai un simt al observari, cunostinte in engleza, si posibilitatea de a te exprima cum trebuie. Restul o sa te invete ei. QA-ul reprezinta cel mai bun mod de a intra in industrie, asa ca felicitari pentru calea aleasa.

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