[SA-MP][GameMode]Gov Death Match


While browsing my old game projects I stumbled across a game mode I did for San Andreas Multi Player (SA:MP), a Team Death Match game called Gov Death Match. The game takes place in area 51 (I think that’s how it’s called in GTA San Andreas), where the player can fight eighter as a member of the Army, or as a SWAT. Both teams start with the same guns (a bat, a hand gun and a Tec9), and both have the chance of acquiring new weapons that can be found scattered among the map.

Admin commands

//Default RCON commands
Login: /rcon login password_used_in_server_cfg
Kick: /rcon kick ID
Ban: /rcon ban id
Gravity: /rcon gravity value (default is 0.08)
Tank: /gTank
Elicopeter: /gSparrow
Remove: /rVehicle (deletes the vehicle you are currently in)

Screen shoots

Download: Here


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