A town where wonderfull things don’t happen very often

But when they happen, that moment becomes so magical that it remains, hopefully, in your mind for all eternity. I’ve been in Bucharest for about 6 months in order to attend college. I also got a job in QA at Gameloft and I went out in clubs when ever I had the chance. I had as much fun as possible with my friends, drinking, laughing, talking but even with all the money I spent each time I went out, with all that alchool I had in me and all those jokes I said nothing came close to this magical night.

It wasn’t meant to be anything special, at least I didn’t expect it to turn out like this, as all I seeked was to get a cup of coffee with a girl I meat at my favorite club. But the universe has it’s own way of tempering with events, of steering the wheel of the carriage called life that we all ride upon. As soon as we reached Lipscani, the old part of Bucharest, we meet with an old class mate of the girl I was with, who invited us to check out the restaurant she was working for. The place was fancy at least, with good music. Half way through the night, while we were talking and learning things about each other, an angelic child with the cutest smile ever walked in the restaurant, trying to sell some flowers, a child so innocent that seemed forged by Gods themselves. I couldn’t resist not to buy a small bouquet from him even though I had little cash on me, barely enough to pay the bill, but I couldn’t resist.

Not far from us was a couple sitting at a table, sadness being visible on their faces. They didn’t talk, each of them looking in an opposite directions waiting for their coffee to end so that they could leave. As soon as they where about to get up, from behind the bar came a man with a trumpet, which started singing Jazz. The couple stood lifeless for a moment and soon after the husband asked her to dance, and dance they did, for minutes and minutes without even taking a break. All the sadness disappeared from their eyes, while joy embraced them. We stood there, watching them, amazed, mesmerized while smiling from the top of our heart. Watching them dance made me forget all of the bad things that happened to me a few days back and every bad/unfair thought I had got washed away. Time stood still for me, those 10 minutes watching them dancing passed like hours. That singer probably kept their marriage from falling apart that night. I for one place an oath to take dancing lessons as soon as I can. Until now, I never saw dancing as anything more then a way to get close to a girl hoping to hook up with her, but today, I saw it as a way to lighten up, to dream, to achieve perfection.

Just as we got ready to leave, the owner saw us, asked us to stay, and even thought we only drank two coffees there, he gave us two drinks on the house, and his card. We decided to stay and enjoy the show, which turned out to be a good idea. As the Jazz interpreter kept playing, I kept on relaxing, doing nothing else then dreaming. Tears almost started dropping from my eyes, as I embraced a strange feeling of happiness and protection which I felt only a few times in my life.

When I first arrived in Bucharest, I saw it as a shallow town as an opportunity to start a career, a tool I could use to evolve and start my life on my own. I forgot how to enjoy little moments like this and instead focused on my job and those heart-breaking events that I kept recalling, until now. The universe twitched his magic wand and healed a big chunk of my “soul” tonight. Last Friday I turned 20 and since my birthday, only good things seemed to happen. All I hope is that special moments like this will keep crossing my path.

Bucharest, a place where wonderful things will keep on happening.


A world of decay

Waking up to this world is like waking up in the depths of hell!
Nothing here is worth protecting, nothing here is of any value,
‘Cause when that which you cherish most,
Happens to stab you in the back, you realize that your confidence has been abused.

With whats left of my humanity I vow to end this all,
To destroy what was once known as this world,
And rebuild, not upon it’s ashes, but it’s grave!

So here I am, almost two decays have passed,
I gave the world it’s chance, and disappoint me it has.
Now it’s my turn world. so be ready,
‘Cause after I will strike, you won’t have a floor to fall on!!!

This world, is a world of decay!!!!