Testers needed for an Intel App-up game

As some of you may know, two months ago I started working on a 3D Top-down shooter for the Intel AppUp store. In the last two months I have finished most of the core elements and now I’m ready to focus on the gameplay elements. Up till now the game includes the following:

  • Loading maps
  • Player characters (movement, shooting, camera controls)
  • Collision
  • Multiple enemies (had up to 500 enemies at once on the screen)
  • Bullets (of different sizes and colors)
  • Switchable weapons (only 2 currently implemented, more to be added soon)
  • Powerups/Collectable items
  • Lightning
  • Temporary UI (needs re-design as most of it features placeholders graphics or text for display).

The game is still in it’s alpha phase due to a few stability bugs that I need to fix, but once this is done, I’m planning on adding content (levels, storyline, new weapons, models and game modes). Due to the fact that I do not own a Netbook, I am in need for people with Intel Atom Based neetbooks to give feedback regarding the stability and over-all playability of the game. Those that decide to help out will receive the following rewards:

  1. Your name will be featured on the credits list once the game will be released.
  2. A 20$ voucher for the “Game Creators” store.
  3. 50% discount on the game and future titles launched on the AppUp store.

The only thing I ask in return from those willing to participate is seriousness. You will be receiving regular Release Mails containing the newest build, a list of bugs and their status (repaired, re-opened, closed, not fixed, etc), new features added and tasks. Those who want to apply must send an email, containing the words Tester Top-Down-Shooter + their name, to bacioiu.ciprian [at] gmail [dot] com. The email must include details about their Netbook (manufacturer, specs).


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