[Challenge]: Constant Distraction Drummer – Postmortem

This year I plan on entering Ludum Dare #22, and since I haven’t worked on anything in a while (besides what I do at @Gameloft), I decided to tackle a few types of challenges to get ready for the competition. For the first challenge of the day I had to develop a game in 4 hours or less, based on one of the themes suggested for Ludum Dare, and the one I chose was “CONSTANT DISTRACTION“.

Constant Distraction Drummer was a major success by my reckoning, as it was completed in time (3h 20m), with a few minutes left to spare for packaging and writing this postmortem.

Things go like this: You have acquired a set of drums, which your brother hates. He threatened to brake them after his soap-opera was over. So the drummer hired a ninja-assassin to kill his brother. The goal is to annoy your brother and distract his attention so that the ninja could enter the house and drop the Big-screen TV on him. You play the drums using keys 1 – 3. The level of annoyance is represented by an Annoy-O-Meeter, in the upper right corner of the screen. Once the Annoy-o-meeter is full, the ninja enters the house and can be controlled using the MOUSE, while continuing to bash the drums. Once in, the ninja must pick up the TV (by clicking when over it), and dropping it on the annoyed fellow.

What went right

As soon as I picked the theme I knew what I wanted to do. It took me less then 10 minutes to write the idea on paper, including details about the characters and sprite animations. I must be honest, I had to cut-down a few things in order to make the deadline, but overall it was a straight-forward development process, something I consider to be a “major WIN”, hence most of my projects get dropped due to the high number of features that need to be implemented.

It was a good idea to plan everything before opening Visual Studio, including making the assets first. Since it was a 2D Game, I first created a fake “screenshot” of how the game should look. Once I finished it, I exported all the assets, and opened up Visual Studio. The fact that I already knew all about the libraries I used allowed me to develop a prototype in the first 30 minutes, and then build upon it.

What went wrong

It was a bad idea to search for drum sounds near the end, hence adding sounds in a hurry kinda broke the code. And because this was a small challenge, I didn’t backup anything, so even though I meet the deadline I have two bugs that kinda brake the gameplay, when it comes to playing the drums. There were a couple of features I wanted to add, but had to cut due to time constraints(for example, dialogue between the drummer and his brother).


All in all, I’m happy that I could finish it in 4 hours, which was my goal. It’s a boring game filled with bugs, but it’s a completed game.

Here’s the Time-Lapse:

Download: Link

Source: Link

The drum sounds where acquired from here, and are royalty free.


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