Deploy All – a randomly generated Top-down shooter

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes down to enjoying a game I play every bit of it, until there is nothing left to do. It saddens me to see that most games feature a linear set of missions and/or quests, that offer no variations gameplay. Lately, I’ve been playing a few roguelike-like games (yes Dungeons of Dredmor and Creepy Little Isaac, I’m looking at you guys), and I embraced the idea of playing a game which offers something new.

“Deploy All” tries to be such a game. It’s aim/goal is to express my believes towards this kind of approach. What I’m trying to achieve is simple, once it is laid down: A game in which the player has to come up with new strategies in order to achieve his goal. “Deploy All” features (at this moment) a random generated world (of 2400+ tiles), 27 different enemies (in both appearance, and stats) and 2 base weapons (almost 16 including their variations – different color scheme, fire rate, damage and damage type). By the end of development, the game WILL feature 216 different types of enemies, 10 base weapons and a world of at least 3000 tiles.

The game’s premise is this: You are one pilot, out of 1000, sent to capture/disable/scout an enemy base. Each playthrough you will have to fight your way through enemy waves on a new and dark map. A new strategy is needed every time, hence the enemies differ not only in appearance, but also in stats. Right now, they only feature 3: Speed, Armor and Fire Power (more to come soon, maybe… maybe…).

As for the weapons, after each successful mission new ones will be added to your inventory. During the first run, the player will start the game with only a basic laser cannon. During each mission, he may encounter (if exploring will be the path he will embrace) random weapons either dropped by the enemies, or found in containers. After completing the mission, the said weapon will be added to his inventory, for use in latter missions.

Each weapon has an effect assigned to it, and by mixing two weapons of different effects, combos can be made, either deadly for the enemies, or for their wielder. But enough about this for now… I’ll just say this OUT LOUD: “Deploy All” is coming. My first commercial indie game (and by most treasured project up to date), will hit the stores somewhere in June.

And, a treat for those who read this far, who cared for my ramblings and my little announcement: A video footage of the game, showcasing the world (8 different textures), the player’s beloved ship, two weapons, a bit of motion blur, decals and the Ambiance Music, one of the 3 different ambiences, that can be heard while exploring.

P.s: Keep an eye on this blog. I plan on releasing information every few days from now on!