[Game Design]: Unstable Battlefield

I have been obsesed with grids my entire live. When I was a child I’d jump from pavement to pavement, timing my jumps in order to land in the middle of the grid, trying as much as I could to avoid touching the lines that separated one block from another. Later on I started drawing on my math notebooks, coloring grids with different shades of color in order to create an image of an object.

Needless to say I’m still obsesed with them, trying to design games that revolve around them. I tried my hand at a turn based spaceship warfare game, a tic-tac-toe like game with warriors and dragons aswell as a 3D roguelike. There were many others, but they all remained in the concept stage, or on paper. Now, I plan to add another one to my portofolio, a two player, turn based game, named Unstable Battlefield. Bellow, you will find a simple “design document” explaining the mechanics and goals of the game, as well as some poorly drawn mockups.

Unstable Battlefield

A turn based, two player game (P vs AI, P vs P).
Each player has a combat vehicle (tank most likely).
Each player can either move or attack the other player in a turn.
Each vehicle can attack only 2 squares from their position front.

The battlefield is made out of a 12×8 squares. Each vehicle occupies only 1 square, and can move 1 square in 8 directions.

Once both players take their turn, a square is pseudo randomly selected (the square where the player is situated never get’s selected) and removed from the playing field. No player can place their vehicle in a removed square. The square to be destroyed is is highlighted during their turns. Both players know which square will blow up next.

Goal: Destroy the enemy vehicle. Each vehicle can sustain only one hit. Both players can choose to destroy a square in their turn (toggles the vehicle firing).

P1 attack area!

End game scenario: If a player has nowhere to go, he lost the game. If a player’s vehicle is destroyed, he lost the game.


Edit: It’s only a concept played on paper for now! I’ll try to make a playable PC version this weekend (after work). Stay tuned!