Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3

It’s done, it’s finally done! My first, big huge, project as a professional Game Designer has been finished! It all started one year ago, when I finally joined the ranks of a Game Designer at Gameloft! And boy what a year! When I first started, I never knew I could learn so many things in so little time, yet, here I am, happy, with a gold project that has my name on it! I’m talking about NOVA 3, Gameloft’s newest block buster, a game that I worked on. I will not go into details about the game (NDA and all that), but I can say that once released, it will out-shine all other games on the AppStore!

Here’s a taste of what to expect once this gem of a game hits the stores, later this month:

And the announcement trailer:

That is all! Expect it, adore it, and check the credits!


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