Review next to a fountain

The little things that we tend to ignore are the ones that bring us most joy in our day to day life. As Paulo Coelho said in in a blog post “We may think at times that the only thing life offers us tomorrow, is to repeat everything we did today. But if we pay close attention, we will see that no two days are alike.“. The perfect way to experience this is by getting away from the mundane life, from that daily routine we know, love and hate. I finally managed to take a few weeks off from work, my first stop being at my parent’s place, back in my home town! The peace, quiet and lack of people actually frustrated me at start, and instead of relaxing for the first time in months, I started packing, wanting to return to my home. It wasn’t until I took a walk through a park, with an old dear friend, that I realized why I chose to spend a few days away from the city. Launching NOVA 3 meant accomplishing a huge milestone for my career, so huge that, two weeks later, the work and effort put into it still had an impact on me. I actually forgot what It means to take a brake and relax! No wonder @Mazai and a few other collegues (@Radu_Chivu included) joked about me being a workaholic. I always wondered how they manage to appear sane after a project. Still, after spending a week here I feel reborn. And with this newly found strength, I look forward to the other challenges life decides to throw my way.

My desk for now


Saturday I gave an interview for Games-Arena, a romanian video game blog, about designing and testing games. The first part of the interview got published yesterday (it can be read here, but it’s in Romanian). Last night, while reading it for the 10th time, I noticed a few things that I need to change, starting with my online presence. The blog has grown allot since I re-opened it, jumping from 10-15 readers during a busy day to 60-70. It’s not much, but for me, it shows progress. I decided to change my “Logo” and set up a portfolio website in order to achieve a more professional and clean look, and I’m in the progress of contracting someone to help me with the “design” aspect, since my artistic skills are worser then my smoking habits.

I keep trying to polish my design and coding skills as much as I can. Lately, I started playing around with Love2D and LUA, trying to port (and improve with each iteration) my UI Framework. I also fiddled with Flare, a 2D Open-Source RPG (similar to NOX/Diablo), by Clint Bellanger. Since I’m stuck on my old laptop, I didn’t get a chance to play Diablo 3 yet, nor get into Torchlight 2 open-beta, though I’m looking forward to this two games. Sos, an indie game developer and Ludumdare enthusiast, is also preparing to release a fun, and highly weird game, called McPixel, which I highly recommend playing once it’s available.

As for me, I still have two more weeks away from work and I plan on spending them by improving all aspects in my life. It’s true that I miss the people I got to spend so much time in Bucharest, but some time away from me can only do them good. With this being said, I bid all of your farewell… Till the next post.


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