[5 minutes read]: If I’d go to war

If I’d ever have to go to war I would probably be the first one to die. At least that’s the first thing that went through my mind after I got “shoot” at Airsoft. You know how in most FPS games your character is a badass warrior that takes down entire plutons, headshots all the enemy snipers and “neck-stabs” every living being that’s colored different from him? Well, you can forget about it! My experience was the exact opposite! At Airsoft I felt like everyone was a Protagonist while I was the only NPC, one under powered non-playable character. Forget about rushing head-on, doing summersaults or dashing towards the cover! Going commando doesn’t help either. Stealth tactics? Unless you get some Crysis-like gear you can forget about it! Everything I tried seemed to fail! Things only turned out to be a little brighter when I decided to hide between two walls and started praying that an enemy would walk into my sight, trip and fall on one of the Balls I scattered there.
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