[5 minutes read]: If I’d go to war

If I’d ever have to go to war I would probably be the first one to die. At least that’s the first thing that went through my mind after I got “shoot” at Airsoft. You know how in most FPS games your character is a badass warrior that takes down entire plutons, headshots all the enemy snipers and “neck-stabs” every living being that’s colored different from him? Well, you can forget about it! My experience was the exact opposite! At Airsoft I felt like everyone was a Protagonist while I was the only NPC, one under powered non-playable character. Forget about rushing head-on, doing summersaults or dashing towards the cover! Going commando doesn’t help either. Stealth tactics? Unless you get some Crysis-like gear you can forget about it! Everything I tried seemed to fail! Things only turned out to be a little brighter when I decided to hide between two walls and started praying that an enemy would walk into my sight, trip and fall on one of the Balls I scattered there.

Thing is, the rush I experienced while playing Airsoft was extremely different then anything else I felt in an FPS. I wonder how would players experience a CoD game while feeling the weight of their equipment, the sun’s hot rays on their skin and knowing that they have very little water supply available. Because 2 hours into the game, I cared not about my score, but about “surviving”. I was tired, beat, thirsty and full of scratches from crawling on the ground or failing at climbing damaged buildings. When the game was over I could barely walk. I was in a far-more-worse shape then someone who tried to sneak-hug a sleeping mother bear and her cubs. CoD, Crysis, NOVA 3 never prepared me for this! And somehow, I am glad things turned out this way. Because I realized how useless I would be when it comes down to aiming a gun at someone’s crotch! I enjoyed the experience, heck, I can’t wait to have another shoot at it! It’s a hard game, where restarting to the last checkpoint means walking for half-an-hour towards the respawn point, only to get shot once you reach your objective.

I did get a few kills and boy was I proud of what I did. Looking at my target’s face, when he realized that he had to sit there, under the sun, for 5 minutes, before walking back towards the respawn point, through broken glass and rubble, was priceless! For a moment in time, I felt unstoppable! That feeling faded soon after. Keep in mind that an airsoft field is no place to do a victory dance and that where one enemy is taken down, another prepares his aim. My cheering came to a stop as soon as a rain of BB’s started pouring on my arse.

I recommend this out-door activity to anyone. As previously stated, it’s one hell of an awesome experience, as close to the real-deal as it could get. It’s offers you an important lesson when it comes to acknowledging your strengths and it can open your eyes to how fragile you are.


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