Making games for charity – BlazeJam

Well, it’s certainly been quite a few months since my last (and first?) game jam. Now that my schedule is more relaxed I can focus on what I like to do most: make games (and drink beer). And what better way to relax then by spending some quality time locked in my lovely apartment, drinking coffee and giving my best to help others through my creations. In fact, one of the reasons I love working in the industry is based on the idea that I can help/inspire other people through my work. What better opportunity to do this than by making a game for a noble cause?

This weekend (July 7th) I’m going to participate in BlazeJam, a 48-hour game jam and auction to benefit the victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire. The theme will revolve around “Fire Fighting”. I’ve got a few ideas for it, but truth be told, I’m aiming for a more romantic approach to this theme. Right now I’m setting up a decent framework to use (on top of Love2D) for the jam, but I’ll try to keep it fair, so I won’t be designing anything beforehand.

The event will be live streamed, so expect to see me grunting at my monitor and drinking industrial quantities of caffeine during this event! Till then, I invite you guys to read more about it and wholeheartedly recommend to either participate or at least donate, if not money, at least some of your free time, into promoting it.


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