Reset, play and continue

A couple of years ago I made a post about living my childhood dream, the dream of working in the industry as a game designer. That dream still stands, high, tall, and proud, ignoring the flow of time. One thing changed since then, me. My persona, my being, my thoughts and ideals have developed, evolved and became something new. Well not actually, I just switched jobs.
Working for Gameloft has been fun. Heck, I might have even spent the best days of my life there. It took me two full weeks to get over not having to dress up and go to the office. For a few weeks, I moved back into my hometown to take care of my mother, who was extremely sick during that time. I’d wake up at 10 am, get dressed and walk for a few minutes, until I’d remember I’m not even in Bucharest. Now things have gotten better. My mother is well, I’m back in Bucharest, in my new apartment, crossing one more item out of my bucket list. During the time I’ve spent in my hometown, I received an offer that I just could not refuse. There are many things I strive to accomplish till I’m 30. And up till now, “everything went better then expected”.

My Career ToDo list
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