Reset, play and continue

A couple of years ago I made a post about living my childhood dream, the dream of working in the industry as a game designer. That dream still stands, high, tall, and proud, ignoring the flow of time. One thing changed since then, me. My persona, my being, my thoughts and ideals have developed, evolved and became something new. Well not actually, I just switched jobs.
Working for Gameloft has been fun. Heck, I might have even spent the best days of my life there. It took me two full weeks to get over not having to dress up and go to the office. For a few weeks, I moved back into my hometown to take care of my mother, who was extremely sick during that time. I’d wake up at 10 am, get dressed and walk for a few minutes, until I’d remember I’m not even in Bucharest. Now things have gotten better. My mother is well, I’m back in Bucharest, in my new apartment, crossing one more item out of my bucket list. During the time I’ve spent in my hometown, I received an offer that I just could not refuse. There are many things I strive to accomplish till I’m 30. And up till now, “everything went better then expected”.

My Career ToDo list

The last item crossed out from the list is getting my name on a Steam game. I can actually consider this to be a milestone in both my life and career. It’s proof that I’m going somewhere, proof that I’m not just lucky, and that I do have a few skills. I’m so excited about this that I actually ordered a T-Shirt saying: “I have a game on STEAM, where is your god now?”.

Yesterday, I finished working on a DLC for “Hacker Evolution”, a hacking-themed puzzle game series, developed by Exosyphen studios. I was tasked with porting and adapting the original levels of the HE game, to the Duality engine, yet I was given enough creative liberty in order to alter the storyline and/or design separate puzzles for the game. Those of you who want to try out the game, feel free to download the public beta, containing the first two levels of the game. The full DLC will be released ON STEAM later this month and believe me, it’s worth getting it, especially if you were a fan of the previous entries in the franchise. INCEPTION combines the UI tools introduced in Duality, with the Terminal (Console) that brought HE where it is today.  At this point, I can say I’m pleased with how things turned out. I’m looking forward to working on more projects with Robert (the mastermind behind Exosyphen Studios), whom I consider responsible for getting me one step closer to achieving my goals. For this, I thank you good sir.

I can’t say what the future holds right now, in terms of work. I’m probably going to catch up on some of my canned personal projects for now, while keeping an eye out for further opportunities. One thing’s for sure, I took a huge leap of faith when I left Gameloft, but I’m glad I did. To my ex co-workers and friends from Gameloft, I can only say Thank You, and wish them the bestest of luck.


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