Pimps vs Vamps – Postmortem

Most of you know that I picked up jamming as a thing a few years ago, and used it as a mean to hack-away a game prototype, with low expectations, trying to mine for “gold”. I feel that with each jam game the quality of my work has evolved. What started in 2009 with “Grandpa told me” and “Contrast Survival” became a “thing” in my daily activity. For me, game jams are a great way to throw dust particles in the air in order to see if they float. Last week I took part in another game jam, an offspring of Rami Ismail and Fernando Ramallo, called “FUCK (or F*ck for those who find the letter “u” offensive) this Jam“.

While scouting my mind for ways to cheat around the restriction imposed by the jam (“to design a game in a genre I hate/despise or usually ignore”), I decided to attempt a collaborative jam. Thus, I’ve sent a tweet out into the wild. The wait was not long, as I soon got in contact with Thomas through a match-making service powered by FTJ’s twitter account. Thomas decided to join my party in this 1 week quest. [he also wrote about the jam experience, so head to his blog to read the other side of this story]. Continue reading