Ludumdare 26 – Minimal Interaction Warfare

As some of you may know, the 26th edition of Ludumdare took place last weekend and boy was it fun. A wooping 2345 (nice number eh?) games have been developed in less then 72h, thousands of lines of code have been written and industrial quantities of caffeine have been drank. The theme for this edition was Minimalism , a theme with so little, yet so many, interpretation. Some entries focused on having minimalistic graphics (color scheme, elements, basic primitives), others had simple interactions and gameplay. One guy went the extra mile and made his game minimalistic by all possible definitions (graphics, design, executable size) and added a bit of maSOchiSm to the equation. My interpretation of the theme? Minimal interaction during the Action Phase of a game.

Minimal Interaction Warfare

Minimal Interaction Warfare - Post Ludumdare Edition

Minimal Interaction Warfare – Post Ludumdare Edition

When I first started MIW the goal was simple: A 2D war fighting game in which the player placed his troops, issued orders and sat back to follow the outcome. I guess I can say I succeeded as my entry featured all the above. The down falls? No sound, over powered player units and little-to-no-polish. That’s why I decided to release a second, post-jam, version with a simple Main Menu, more maps and balanced gameplay. The game still has no sound effects and music because, well… um, I have little-to-no talent in that area and I wanted to keep things in the spirit of Ludumdare where all the assets are created by me. Maybe in another version, when things settle down (I still have to release another Pimps vs Vampires version this week, and I also have some freelancing work to attend). Continue reading