How does the world work?

I’ve been working on Pimps vs Vampires for about 8 months now, alongside Thomas Noppers. The next version is scheduled to be released somewhere next week, bringing a few new weapons, a crazy bat sidekick and a multi purpose bubble-gum weapon (won’t spoil it for you guys). What puzzles me is that even though most of my twitter followers (or awesome peeps, as I like to call them) played and tweeted about PvV most of everyone I met have almost no idea about PvV’s existence. Instead, I meet up with a few folks from Bucharest that, once I told them my name, recognized my blog (this blog). The funny thing is they also knew about my last LD entry (Minimal Interaction Warfare) and congratulated me on finishing a game in 48h, though I’m sure they only played the after-jam version. Thus, I got a bit puzzled so I decided to google both of my games. There are more mentions about Pimps vs Vampires yet what tingled my kringle was that MIW got hosted on Softpedia.

MIW is no-where near a finished game, with only a couple of units and 3 different tile sets. It is only hosted on LD’s page and on Gamejolt. PvV has a page on indieDB, on FTJ’s page and got a few mentions on other blogs. My question is HOW and WHY, did MIW get chosen and hosted by Softpedia?