Open letter to the Gandul Editorial Team

Dear Gandul,

I am writing this <open> letter in order to express my enthusiasm regarding the news that have been covered by your outlet. I know many, less relevant, sites like CNN, BBC, Google – to name just a few – are following “insignificant” subjects, having to do with “protests, advances in medicine, or the continued spread of the MERS coronovirus“, wasting our time with non-trivial information and making a mockery off themselves in the process. This is why I applaud your efforts, the professionalism in your posts and your commitment to always publish trivial matters which indeed affect, directly or not, all of us. To be honest, I just couldn’t believe that a <John Doe> appeared at a <party> with a <companion/friend/love interest> who happened to be <overweight/underweight> and, while doing so, shocked his friends who I have never heard about. Certainly I would not have forgiven myself if I overlooked this issue. And honestly, I all but teared up when I saw how kind you are. Sharing, what probably is the most important moment in a women’s life, with the entire world is nothing short of generous. I mostly enjoyed your coverage of that one slip up which occurred after the wedding when the bride exposed, for a brief moment, what can only be “the source of most of your articles”. I am happy to know you are living up to the expectations and that you provide us with content of great significance.

Let it be known that I am looking forward to your metamorphosis into a portal-website which will cater to the needs of your entire audience. If there’s one thing I mostly care reading about then Pebble pretty much sums it up. I mean, I used to go on youtube for my daily dose of cuteness and “d’awww” moments but I’m glad to know you have me covered on this. Just add a music player to your frontend and I can wholeheartedly say that I’ll have no need to visit other websites.

You have surely evolved over the years, going from a great news site into… something else. If you think about it, this article, shows a great similarity with your transmogrification. With this being said, I wish a great day to your editorial team.


A humble reader.

[Game Analysis]: Iron Grip: Marauders

I never expected to find myself so busy and caught up with work at this age. I always thought my twenties will be about traveling the globe, making games on the road and discovering an easier way to inject myself with caffeine. At least the latter is on schedule. But between work (freelancing), my own projects (Pimps vs Vampires) and wrapping up what’s left of my university (which I winged like Jeff Winger in Community) I find myself not being able to invest much time in gaming. On the road I used to play Carmageddon or Cardinal Quest on my Nexus and at home it was either Skyrim, Steam Marines or, when I got to hog the only TV in the house, Hawken (Mech Games and HDTV’s are a match made in heaven).

While browsing through Gamejolt’s database, I ran across what appeared to be a strategy browser game called Iron Grip: Marauders. I was never into this type of games and the only one I invested any time in was Bitefight, mostly because of my, then, girlfriend who kept pestering me to play it. What caught my eye, regarding IG: Marauders, was that it was “marketed” as a 3D Turn Based browser game so I decided to make an account and see what it is about. Honestly, I was expecting it to be a regular pay-to-win, ad-filled game like so many others on the web and boy was I wrong. So, after playing it on-and-off for a few months I decided to tear it to shreds, brake it into different components, and do a small analysis on why I find it so attractive. igm_the_gameIn a nutshell IGM is all about taking control of an diesel punk airship (think of it like the offspring of Queen Anne, Blackbeard’s pirate ship, and a Russian Kirov), raising money for your “cool pirate crew” and plundering cities and caravans. The resources are split into three categories: Gold, Iron and Gems. Gold and Iron are the primary resources used to research, build and acquire new technology and units, while Gems represent the premium currency of the game. And here’s the first thing I liked about IG: Marauders: You are not forced to buy Gems in order to succeed at the game. Even better, you get free gems when leveling up or when you  complete certain missions. The actual gameplay is split into two parts: Browser Based and 3D Tactical Battles.

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