Pre-challenge thoughts – #7-5DRTS

So 27th of July is only 3 hours away. While most people are wrapping up their #7DRTS entry I’m getting ready to start coding mine. Till now, I implemented a small level editor with only a couple of features: 2 layers (Ground+Buildings and Entities) and the ability to export the entire map as a LUA Table. Nothing fancy, but it gets stuff done. As far as the game goes, my entry will be a Turn Based Strategy game inspired by the Advance Wars franchise (yet, no fancy over-the-top battle animation).
I already did a handful of sprites for the game and some UI elements. As it currently stands, the game should look like this in the final version:


I’m going with a 480×320 window and a visible playing field of 11×8 (actual game grid should be ’round 20×20). I went for a small window size for several reasons:

  • I wanted to make a game similar to those on the Gameboy Advance. 240×160 was a tad to small for my likings so I doubled it.
  • It’s big enough to only add BASIC and USEFUL information and controls to it. I don’t want to overdue it on the features, and I sure as hell don’t want just to add stuff in order to not have too much free space lying ’round.
  • Is cute as a baby seal.

There are 3 types of units: Infantry, Tanks and Mechs with rock-paper-scissor kind of play. Infantry: Strong against tanks, weak against Mechs. Mechs obliterate Infantry units but get blow up by Tanks. You can figure out the rest. Units are grouped into 1 entity on the screen (aka one Infantry sprite can represent 1->10 units).

Each unit can move and attack at a certain distance. For example, a tank can move and attack in an area of 4 squares, while an Infantry can only cover 2. In order to move a unit, the player must select him and press the movement icon (second on the bottom tab). In order to attack, the player must have a unit selected, press the attack button (first icon) and select an enemy that is within range. He can end his turn by pressing the 3rd button.

On the playing field the player will encounter neutral bases, which can be captured by moving a unit onto it. As long as an unit is there, the base can produce several more of that type each turn. The goal is to destroy all the enemy units.


The game’s source code and assets will be released Open Source under CC-30 and will be available on Github at the end of the jam. Building roofs, icons and color palette are taken from this sprites. The two character portraits are from here. Everything else has been drawn today for the jam.



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