Announcing: Mutant Gangland – Coffee-break TBS

Elevator pitch:

Mutant Gangland is a fast, neat and simple turn-based-strategy game where mutants fight robots . Build units, Conquer buildings and use them to Fund your army. Battles are short but the game packs 11 missions, 30 quick battles and a level editor to design your own maps.

  • A fun and pocket sized game with a simple setup of making soldiers, taking buildings and getting money. These matches take little time so you can play them during you coffee break.
  • It’s fast: Most actions can be completed in less than one turn. The AI is fast, input is responsive and units can be built and deployed in an instant.
  • Constant autosaves feature ensures you can turn the game off and resume playing whenever you want.
  • Buy once, play forever. No IAP, No Freemium, No DRM, You get what you see: Simple fun combat strategy.

Obligatory gif tease:


Totally biased opinion:

Work on Mutant Gangland (MGL) began  just after Mini-LD 44. It was meant to be an improved version of my #7DRTS entry, Mini Wars. Over the course of the following 3 months it grew bigger, prettier, faster and deadlier. After finishing the in-game level editor and play testing it I realized I might just have the perfect TBS to play during breaks. Since then my goal for the game was simple: Keep it small, keep it fast, keep it fun. It’s a streamlined Turn-based strategy game. Yes there are terrain stats modifiers, yes units can be built and buildings generate income. It has many of the core features from what people love in TBS’s but it’s also approachable for beginners. I’d like to think of it as the mutated-spawn of Desktop Dungeons and Advance Wars.

Maps range from 10×10 to 35×35 terrain units. Small enough to not feel crowded, big enough to play it between bus stops or when the compiler is under heavy duty. There are 2 factions with 4 units each:

  • A scout – perfect during early game when players rush for resources
  • A chainsaw wielding unit – the jack of all trades with good mobility, health and damage
  • A shotgun freak – for those annoying pests who keep trespassing your property
  • An artillery unit – because enemies on the other side of the gap can still take damage

Although each factions control similar units they are differentiated by stats, health gen, cost and mobility. Robots are cheaper and faster but their mechanical legs can be blown off. Mutants are brutes that can really pack a punch. Their health does not regenerate on it’s own but they have a higher chance of scoring a critical hit. Both factions can also acquire powerups such as:

  • Health Regen for the entire team
  • Damage boost for one turn
  • Increased movement range
  • Increased defense

The graphical elements and art direction are the work of Thomas Noppers, the man who’s twitter feed is always full of beautifully crafted pixel perfections. You can check out his Game design / Art blog here.

The game is currently under test on my devsofa channel. I plan on finishing it for this year’s October challenge and release it, at first, on the Android Market Place. A linux port will be available soon after that.



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