A speech about people with disabilities

Not to long ago, May 31 if I remember correctly, I took part in a festival named Teen Fest that takes place each year in my region. This year theme was about Boosting, Inspiring and Giving courage to those that are incapacitated or socially disabled. I went on the stage, and had my little fun talking about this theme. Thing is, I won 1st place at the monologue contest and the festival award. The reasons I think I received this award are:

  • I did not talk about how hard it is for those who are actually incapacitated and instead I talked about how they could have fun, and feel special
  • I talked from all my heart because I knew how hard it is for someone to be incapacitated/miss a limb because of my father
  • Even though I kept on joking and saying silly stuff, at one point I went serious and said the following thing:
  • There are times in one’s life when he reaches a wall or a mountain he can’t pass he can eighter look back and live in the past, while feeling sorry for him/herself or one could move on, and try to jump over that wall and if he can’t do that, one could climb it, and even if that doesn’t work one could get a hammer or a cannon and blow that wall to smithereens.

    Prism and Cube – The comic: Day 1

    I’ve got really bored recently so I decided to start a comic that I could post once or twice a week (maybe three times?). This is what I came up with. It’s my very first comic and it’s aimed at game developers and coders.

    Story: The main characters are a pyramid (ironically named Prism) and a cube (called Cube) who meet in a game prototype coded by someone(John). The comic will follow their adventures through the entire development time, both of them ‘being rendered’ in the most uncommon situations possible. Anywho, without further ado, here you have it:

    P.s. the 18 verticles thing will be explained in another number 🙂