Open letter to the Gandul Editorial Team

Dear Gandul,

I am writing this <open> letter in order to express my enthusiasm regarding the news that have been covered by your outlet. I know many, less relevant, sites like CNN, BBC, Google – to name just a few – are following “insignificant” subjects, having to do with “protests, advances in medicine, or the continued spread of the MERS coronovirus“, wasting our time with non-trivial information and making a mockery off themselves in the process. This is why I applaud your efforts, the professionalism in your posts and your commitment to always publish trivial matters which indeed affect, directly or not, all of us. To be honest, I just couldn’t believe that a <John Doe> appeared at a <party> with a <companion/friend/love interest> who happened to be <overweight/underweight> and, while doing so, shocked his friends who I have never heard about. Certainly I would not have forgiven myself if I overlooked this issue. And honestly, I all but teared up when I saw how kind you are. Sharing, what probably is the most important moment in a women’s life, with the entire world is nothing short of generous. I mostly enjoyed your coverage of that one slip up which occurred after the wedding when the bride exposed, for a brief moment, what can only be “the source of most of your articles”. I am happy to know you are living up to the expectations and that you provide us with content of great significance.

Let it be known that I am looking forward to your metamorphosis into a portal-website which will cater to the needs of your entire audience. If there’s one thing I mostly care reading about then Pebble pretty much sums it up. I mean, I used to go on youtube for my daily dose of cuteness and “d’awww” moments but I’m glad to know you have me covered on this. Just add a music player to your frontend and I can wholeheartedly say that I’ll have no need to visit other websites.

You have surely evolved over the years, going from a great news site into… something else. If you think about it, this article, shows a great similarity with your transmogrification. With this being said, I wish a great day to your editorial team.


A humble reader.