XCOM 2 – Performance aggregator

Yesterday I recommended that people with SteamOS/Linux should hold out on getting XCOM 2 if they were running a Intel or AMD GPU. Well, turns out that even those on nVidia (the officially supported GPU for our neck-of-the-woods) are having problems with the game! Multiplayer isn’t the only cross-platform thing for the game as performance issues seem to affect everyone. I made a list of reddit posts, articles and tweets with reports and tips from people that already had/have the game!

/u/import-THIS complains about input/action lag on reddit. The post contains some benchmarks from /u/Eriner_, as well as some fixes for missing audio. [Link]

/u/johnhue started a threat where people post their builds and performance! Give it a glance and see if your rig can handle it. [Link]

/u/niserox posted some ini tweaks you can perform to gain some more juice! [Link]

On /r/xcom, users began posting ways to edit configuration files to speed up animations! [Link]

Another /r/xcom post with tips to get better milage from your CPU and GPU. A windows users recommend nVidia features as 3D Vision Drivers and Streamer Service. Post contains information and stats on performance (FPS, CPU status) from a wide range of hardware. [Link]

TheBoss from my favorite Linux gaming news site (GamingOnLinux) took XCOM 2 for a spin. You can read his report (benchmarks, impressions, Linux version review) [here].

GoL’s own Samsai takes XCOM 2 for a spin on an R7 370 AMD card using both open source and proprietary drivers! How does it fair? Check out his review/opinion! [Link].

SegmentNext posted an article on common issues that people might have with the game such as Out-of-sync audio, impossibility to input a name, crashes to desktop, missing save file, screen flickering and 4K support just to name a few. [Link]

From twitter, Tornis (game streamer and all around great guy) is posting about his performance issues, love and general experience with XCOM 2. He is playing the game on windows but, as I said, issues are cross-platform (most of them). Check out his tweets bellow (first two are some “PSA/Tips’ from him. The other two, might have some profanity in them, you’ve been warned):

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