1/2 * 2015: Indie stuff, programming and my day job

Spoiler warning: I s#@k at typing on a virtual keyboard.

Its been almost half a year since the last blog post. How the hell i still have upwards of 100 daily visitors is beyond me (and the scope of this post). I’m currently on a train waiting for the last 2 hours of my 6h ride to end. So i guess it’s as good of a time as any to update my blog.

What have i been doing since GlobalGameJam?
Slacking off from my independent development work to put it mindly. Some of you know that i passed along Mutant Gangland to @Thomas and that i hanged up on MOAI and all my other projects. Part of the reason is that i needed to free up some time now that i spend most of it in an office (surounded by cool kats and bunnies). Working @Mobility-Games has been fun and i guess it is as close as I can get to the indie dream without having to rely on noodles to satiate my hunger. Steady pay (and physical colleagues) are a godsend, especially when some days we get to play with real world 3D pixels:


Been a fun ride till now and i can’t wait to see what’s waiting around the next corner. (Mobility) work stuff aside I’ve been a pretty bad designer over the past few months. I’m pretty sure i broke most gamedev rules by rolling my own engine (MOAI i love you but i want to learn more), porting the engine to the NintendoDS (not the new 3DS),  embedding Lua and using an archaic openGL version (glBegin/glEnd) + a half-arsed port of it on android. Why? So i can keep doing my own thing without having to commit to releasing and finishing a game, yet still improve a bit of my programming knowledge. Its been wonderful, yet a bit frustrating, working for the DS. Its the first time i ever spent hours knee deep in refference manuals, doing math to try and ballance memory consumption and learning to stay away from high res images with a high bpp (bit per pixel). Ogh and i wrote this little snippet that got half of my followers laughing their way to the unfollow button.

Now if only i could code my way into improving my team work and team related abilities. To this day i cannot hold my own  in a game mechanic debate relying on just words to describe the behavior. Sure, i can hack a pretty good protype to back me up but in most cases no one is willing to wait 3h so i can show them what my words fail to represent. This is an area in which i still have a lot todo.

There is one more thing i’d like to say before i end this non-technical, indie-less blog post: keep an eye out on my twitter feed, we’re about to release a TBS/Boardgame prototype mashup that I have worked on with some co-workers.

Love you all o/


Timisoreana Festival 2010 – Rock/Folk concert

Every year the guys from Timisoreana hold a festival in my native town, Buzau, in honor of the best, and If I’m not mistaken, first, beer in Romania. This year I received a guest pass backstage at the concert and I got to meet, and talk to, some of the bands that played. All three main Romanian bands where absolutely awesome, and I was glad I got to see them up close.

The guest pass that I received was thanks to Adi and Diana Nedelea from Green Pixel [dot] Ro. Thanks to them not only did I have a great time, but I also got to meet other interesting people like @Sorin Neagu aka Mosneagu’, and @Adrian Holerga. I’m looking forward to seeing some, if not all, of you guys again at the next festival in Constanta. And now, the reason some of ya’ little swabs are still here, the pictures:

Taken with my iPhone:

I’m going to add more photos later, as soon as I receive ’em. For more, be sure to check out Bere Timisoreana‘s FaceBook page.

TweetMeet Buzau

Last Saturday(5th of June) I had the pleasure to take part at the second edition of TweetMeet Buzau. If I where to describe the meeting in 1 word, then that word would be: “Awesome”. And I mean it. The people where awesome, the jokes they made where awesome, the cookies we ate where awesome, everything and everyone at that place and time can be described like that. I had a lot of fun watching the guys from #DreamTeamRo, listening to Alex and Roxana Farca, eating the cookies brought by Sabina and cooked by her uncle, discussing ’bout gadgets and laptops with Mihai Baboi, Chinezu and Marius [Make].

Here’s some of the photos I took with my iPhone:

View more pictures on my Flickr account, or read more about #TweetMeetBz on DreamTeamRo, Lumea Mare, Gazutza (Sabina’s blog), WP Tuts and Chinezu’s blog.

Again, it was a great meeting and I had allot of fun there. Thank you for coming to my hometown guys, I’m looking forward to seeing you all again.

People that attended the meeting: Iulyan, Laura, Robert and Adriana, Lumea Mare Roxana and Alex Farca, Stefan Murgeanu, Claudiu Ciobanu, Vlad Dulea, Mihai Baboi, Paun Eugen, Cutzitaru Cazacu Dragos, Marius Matache, Chinezu, Sabina and George Jipa.